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    Grow Extra Inches Inhale through the nose (you can exhale through the mouth) - this will warm the cold air before entering the lungs. When you can’t breathe through your nose (there’s not enough air), slow down. If you breathe while running with your mouth, you can not only catch a sore throat, but also lungs. And health is always more important than records. After training, return to a warm room and immediately remove your wet clothes. Do not overtighten - it is so easy to cool. Warm shower will also be useful. Sportswear for jogging in winter should well remove moisture from the surface of the body, keep warm and at the same time not be bulky and not restrict movement. And we will start not with a jacket or pants, but with less noticeable things. An important part of the equipment is socks, although many do not pay enough attention to them. Knitted woolen socks are an unfortunate option, although they are considered the best for winter. To put on several socks, one pair on another, also should not be. One “correct” pair is enough. In winter it is better to buy socks for jogging special running , half-woolen, with a thermal effect. These socks hold heat well, have no seams, high enough to protect the shin from the cold, they have a special ribbed sole for better contact with shoes. We rise higher. Whatever clothes you choose for winter runs, follow the principle of “three layers”: The first layer - retains heat and removes moisture from the surface of the skin: a special sports thermal underwear . The second layer is heat insulating. Its main task is to retain the heat produced by the body. A great option is a fleece suit. Thermal underwear fits tightly to the body and is worn under a tracksuit.